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You mean it’s May already?

Welcome to May, 2020.

As you have probably realised, like many businesses, the shop at No 14 High Street is closed until further notice, so it’s up to to help you out with gifts, treats etc.

We’ve been taking the opportunity to overhaul the website, updating it with more of the beautiful things that tend to sell out quickly - you’ll find a New Arrivals section for instance, with lots of affordable and very gift-able pieces.

As a small business, we really appreciate the support you have shown us over the years and would like to thank you for it wholeheartedly.

As you know, a good reputation is a vital ingredient in building a successful jewellery business and ours is no exception.

Please consider leaving a review of our business on facebook.

Stay healthy, take care of your loved ones & call a friend or family member if you’re struggling.

We look forward to seeing you all when the world opens up again.

Catherine and the team

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