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A New Star Is Born

How did that happen?

Here we are in February already and my feet have barely touched the floor!

Christmas was, as I hoped - a very busy time. For the first time, I entered the local competition in Barnstaple for Best Shop Window with my 'Diamond Express' train, carrying its precious cargo around from 'Can See' to 'Can't See' throughout the festive period.

We didn't win this time, but enjoyed participating and plans are hatching already for what next year's display might be.

starfish cz waterproof capsule necklace Astra Jewellery

We have begun to stock a brand new range by Astra Jewellery of New Zealand and I'm loving their designs. Each has a theme, from Love and Friendship, through to Courage and New Beginnings which makes choosing gifts for people in the good times and more challenging situations a little less difficult.

I hope you like them and would love to hear your views, so come in for a chat, or send me a message.

PS. Valentines Day is approaching quickly, so if you have your eye on something specific, please don't leave it to the very last minute.

Catherine x

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