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We're nearly Two years old!

Hello Jewellery lovers,

It's been a while since my last blog post, but I haven't forgotten about you.

Things have been busy in our little world, we've had some lovely pearls delivered and they should be making their debut in the cabinets any time now.

The range of quirky nature inspired ethical jewellery by Amanda Cope's MARMOO is proving to be popular and with every piece being hand finished, no two pieces are the same.

exploding confetti

I've been enjoying meeting those of you who have visited the shop - it's thrilling to know that my efforts aren't passing by completely unnoticed by the world, (it's also a HUGE relief!)

As I said in the title of this Blog, our second birthday is almost upon us - and no, I'm not fibbing about my age either. I, personally have been in the business and trading for over 30 years now, but my new venture at 14 High Street, Barnstaple is nearing it's 2 year anniversary.

What an adventure it has been too! Right from the early days of choosing the premises through to taking the leap into the online world via our website and now onward from Facebook to twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - which has provided a few surprises of its own - I have a link which is getting a LOT of views in Singapore, so if that was because of you - then thanks!

There will be celebrations, there will be surprises and there will be another blog, but for now I need to go and do some living in the physical world.

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