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Now We Are Three

I know that someone else (Winnie the Pooh) used this title before, but it's just as true for our High Street shop.

We're thoroughly settled in now and have been enjoying welcoming our regulars and also getting to know a lot of new customers, - both in person and virtually - through our different social media channels. Have you found us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? It would be great to know you're there...

On a personal note, Catherine is about to move house, so if you stop by the shop and she seems a little distracted or begins muttering about boxes, tape and not being able to find a frying pan - that will be the reason. It's all for the good though, as she'll be living nearer to work, so there will be less time spent travelling (and no unexpected 'I'm snowed in' days off any more).

skiing to work

Thank you for joining our mailing list; as you know, you are now in the annual draw for a £50 Catherine Bishop voucher, which you can spend with us, or give as a gift. The choice is yours.

If you're not the lucky winner this year, but you'd like to purchase vouchers anyway, you can do this at any time by getting in touch or coming into the shop.

This draw is EXCLUSIVELY open to members of our mailing list, so good luck and thank you for being there.

Catherine, Claire and the team.

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