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Barnstaple's Biggest Secret

The secret is leaking out, though it's probably about time, as it's almost two years since Catherine Bishop moved to new premises.

Sitting quietly on the High Street in Barnstaple, we've been working hard finding the best craftsman designer jewellery ranges.

We are proud to bring you;

Christina Oswin's award winning Somerset based ethical & fair trade jewellery.

Scotsman Chris Lewis's stunningly innovative design, so good that it's in the design museum in Edinburgh!

Martina Hamilton's evocative pieces, bringing a touch of the Sligo coastline to Barnstaple.

North Devon's own Marie Krazizky's elegant nature inspired range.

Sonya Bennett has made a name for herself too with her charming contemporary figural jewellery.

Now that the website is becoming established, and our 'in house' photographer is producing some amazing pictures, it's time to start celebrating YOU - our best asset.

Daisy Necklace £52  Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil

If you feel like taking a photo of yourself wearing what you bought from us, and posting it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest (Twitter coming soon) Please do Tag so we can find you and reward you for your efforts.

Now to get back to work, preparing for the Daisy Necklace Draw and Happy Hour shopping on Friday 30th June (from 5.00-6.30pm).

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