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Bespoke, Remodel, Refresh

Some of the jewellery we've had the pleasure of being able to experterly redesign, update and rework into unique jewellery for today.  We can design on site,  using your ideas and wishes.

Diamond Rings

Oldfashioned to Bling 

We reworked Mrs D's inherited rings into a modern diamond  bit of bling, using the gold and diamonds from the originals to maintain that  special connection and able to be worn daily. 


Memory Bangle 

Mrs D wanted a piece of jewellery to commerate her loved ones including some that she had sadly lost during the last few years. 

Using her family jewellery we reworked it into a modern piece of jewellery, suitable to be worn every day, by this hard working lady.  In the cap ends we have inserted some cremation ashes and the inside of the bangle is facsmilie engraved with signatures and pawprints. 


Ancestory Celebration  

This was a piece to celebrate our customers celtic ancestory.  We designed this modern asymetric necklace incorporating a discreet celtic cross as desired, once again making use of jewellery that she no longer enjoyed wearing.  


Mrs G who has arthritis couldn't enjoy her some of her rings as her fingers had changed over the years.   Her lovely husband wanted her to remodel this jewellery into something wearable,  so to start the ball rolling he bought her a gift voucher for Christmas.  She then made an appointment with Catherine to discuss possibilities and choose this beautiful modern coil design, incorporating all of the rings into one piece. 

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