Celtic Pendant with Shamrock Motif in Irish Rose Gold by House of Lor


Give someone the Luck of the Irish, with this Sterling Silver Celtic marquise pendant & chain with genuine Rose Gold shamrock.


Matching earrings available.


This dainty Celtic marquise pendant & chain with rose gold shamrock is part of the range by Irish company House of Lor 


The shamrock leaf has been used as a national emblem of Ireland for many, many years and was reputedly used by Saint Patrick to teach pagans about the Holy Trinity.

Each piece from the House Of Lor collection contains a rare piece of Irish Gold. The gold is nearly 2000 years old and much was turned into artifacts now housed in the National Museum of Ireland.

A wonderful way to honour your Irish Ancestry, with a rare touch of Ireland crafted into each piece.

Every piece in the House Of Lor collection comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Chain Length: 400 mm

Pendant Length: 35 mm


House of Lor Celtic Silver Pendant with Irish Rose Gold Shamrock